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A Tournament Guide to the Overwatch BEAT Invitational Season 2

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A Tournament Guide to the Overwatch BEAT Invitational Season 2

Team will square off for a share of the $6,000 prize pool.

With Overwatch Contenders Season 0 wrapped up and Season 1 just about a month and a half away, the Overwatch BEAT Invitational is one of the few tournaments happening in between to satiate fan’s want for Overwatch esports. Though there have been some team swaps in the aftermath of Season 0 – Rogue stepped in for Team Liquid and most recently FNRGFE and EnVision replaced Cloud9 and the now-defunct Evil Geniuses – the tournament still promises action-packed matches that could give fans a look into who will be the favorites coming in to Contenders Season 1.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Overwatch BEAT Invitaional:

When is it / where can I watch?

The tournament takes place this weekend, July 7-9 on BEAT’s Twitch page. It will be casted by Robert Hexagram Kirkbride & Andrew “ZP” Rush.


The tournament is double-elimination. There will be a best-of-five for the Round Tobin and playoff phases, while the Grand Finals will be a bo7. Ties are decided on a King of the Hill map.

Where to Watch

Fans can watch


Upper Bracket

Round 2

On 8 Jul, 04:00 CEST

On 8 Jul, 00:30 CEST

Round 3

On 9 Jul, 20:00 CEST

Lower Bracket

Round 1

On 8 Jul, 03:00 CEST

On 8 Jul, 23:30 CEST

Round 2

On 9 Jul, 03:15 CEST

On 9 Jul, 02:15 CEST

Round 3

On 9 Jul, 21:45 CEST

Round 4

On 9 Jul, 23:30 CEST


On 10 Jul, 01:15 CEST

Map Pool

Teams choose from a pre-selected list (see below). Initial map choice is decided by coin flip, after which the loser of the preceeding map selects the next map. Positions (Attack/Defend) are chosen by the opposite team.

The map pools for the event are as follows:

Best of 3 – used for Loser Bracket’s rounds one and two

Lijiang Tower
King’s Row
Volskaya Industries
Temple of Anubis

Best of 5 – used for Loser Bracket’s rounds three and finals, as well as all winner brackets

All Best of 3 Maps
Route 66

Best of 7 – used for the Grand Final

All Best of 5 Maps


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Thank you for voting!

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