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Risky Gaming wins ESL India Premiership Summer

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Risky Gaming wins ESL India Premiership Summer

The team took down Entity eSports in two maps to claim the clost to $5,500 grand prize.

United Arab Emirates Risky Gaming had the final word in the ESL India Premiership Summer tournament, decisively taking out AustraliaEntity eSports in the Grand Final to earn the title of Champions and earn the majority of the close to $11,000 prize pool.

The biggest challenge that Risky faced was back in the quarterfinals, when Shooting Monkeys took nine rounds away from Risky before they could finish the job. After that, however, the United Emirates team only dropped one round in their semi-final against Team Brutality, then only four in the Winners’ Finals against Entity eSports. Entity was able to bounce back from that loss in a 2:0 against Dare2Dream in the Losers’ Finals, but Risky was just too much to handle.

Love “havoK” Paras was the MVP of the match, having a 44-28 K/D ratio and consistently out-performing anyone else in the server. All of Risky ended the Grand Final with positive K/D’s while no one on Entity could say the same.

Risky took home $5,420 as the victors, while Entity went home with $2,325 and Dare2Dream received $540 in compensation for third place.

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