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PGL Major Kraków Qualifier – Day Three Recap

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PGL Major Kraków Qualifier – Day Three Recap

The third day of main major qualifiers has concluded with two teams making it to the Valve-sponsored event.

With two rounds of Swiss format already passed, two teams secured their spots at PGL Major Kraków while two others started their journey back home with three straight defeats. On the final day of the qualifier tournament, there will be six teams with 2-1 record and the same amount of teams with two losses and a win. Six challenger spots at the major will be picked up by the better teams after round three and four of the Swiss format.

Prior to day four, the standings are as follows:

NorwayTeam Dignitas vs. KazakhstanTengri – 1-0

de_Mirage – 16:7 (8:7, 8:0)

Prior to their first match, Central Asian team Tengri had little hopes for qualifying to PGL Major Kraków and their 16:1 defeat against mousesports in the first round promised close to nothing. However, they gave BIG a hard time yesterday when the German organisation barely took the win 16:14 and the first half of today’s matchup against dignitas looked promising for Tengri. Going 6:1 down early on didn’t lower the morale on Ramazan “Ramz1k” Bashizov’s team as the young AWPer, with some help from Bakir “pachanga” Kurbanaliev, lead his team’s efforts to close the gap to a single round at the halftime. At that point, a pistol round victory would give a crucial advantage to Tengri and dignitas may be packing for home after three days. Fortunately for the Norwegian-Danish-Portuguese roster of dignitas, they looked like a far better team after switching sides. Joakim “jkaem” Myrbostad and Jorgen “cromen” Robertsen’s impressive performance as well as Ricardo “fox” Pacheco’s on-point AWPing earned them a flawless half with 8:0 round record to eliminate Tengri.

United StatesOpTic Gaming vs. AustraliaRenegades – 0-1

de_Mirage – 10:16 (6:9, 4:7)

After suffering defeats on their first two matches, OpTic and Renegades clashed in the second match of day three to survive one more day in Bucharest. The Green Wall started the match by winning the first pistol round and two rounds following it. But once it was rifle territory, Renegades proved to be the better team as after 3:0, Karlo “USTILO” Pivac’s team gave away three rounds before entering halftime 9:6 ahead. In the second pistol round, playing as the T side, Justin “jks” Savage and Noah “Nifty” Francis set up a deadly crossfire on 2v2 post-plant situation to win the round. What followed the pistol round was complete Renegades dominance as they won back-to-back rounds until the 21st round when it was 14:6. After that point, OpTic started winning but Renegades were able to find two more rounds to eliminate their opponents.

ChinaTyLoo vs. RussiaVega Squadron – 0-1

de_Inferno – 10:16 (7:8, 3:8)

The third match of the day was a dream come true for people who like underdog stories. Out of all stronger teams with 1:1 record, TyLoo and Vega were drawn together, meaning one of them would be one win away from qualifying. Pavel “hutji” Lashkov’s triple-kill on bombsite A offense won the first pistol round for Vega and until the latter stage of the half, Vega controlled the map. It was 7:2 when TyLoo finally started winning rounds and the Chinese team, fuelled with Indonesian star Hansel “BnTeT” Ferdinand’s incredible showing, clawed back and found their seventh round just before the halftime. The first three rounds of the second half also went TyLoo’s way and gave them 10:8 lead but Vega won eight rounds in a row in fascinating fashion to close out the match 16:0.

GermanyBIG vs. BrazilImmortals – 1-0

de_Cache – 16:9 (10:5, 6:4)

Fourth match of the day saw BIG establishing an early lead of 5:0 before Henrique “hen1” Teles’ triple-kill won Immortals their first round. Just as the Brazilians were closing, Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz and Kevin “keev” Bartholomäus’ triple-kills in back-to-back rounds protected BIG’s lead. Immortals failed to put on a good run in the remainder of the half and the teams switched sides with 10:5 BIG lead. The second half kicked off with Lucas “lucas” Teles’ three kills in the pistol round. Immortals won three more rounds to make it 10:9 but these were their last rounds in the match as BIG won six and defeated Immortals 16:9.

United StatesCloud9 vs. SwedenGODSENT – 1-0

de_Train – 16:10 (12:3, 4:7)

The fifth match in day three of offline qualifiers proved two things. First, it proved that when they all are on form, Cloud9‘s Jake “Stewie2K” Yip, Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham and Timothy “autimatic” Ta form a deadly trio that would go head-to-head with any three players. On the other hand, it also made clear that -just like Sean “sgares” Gares- Swedish CS:GO genius Markus “pronax” Wallsten’s teammates need to consistently make his strats work if his teams are going to win as he lacks required firepower. On this occasion, talent crushed mind in the first half with 12-3 score line and as impressive as they were, GODSENT‘s efforts for a comeback in the second half weren’t good enough.

EuropePENTA Sports vs. Europemousesports – 1-0

de_Cobblestone – 14:16 (9:6, 5:10)

The first challenger of PGL Major Kraków determined in a match that pit two German-based teams with players from all over Europe. It was PENTA who looked dominant until the latter part of the first half as they won the first nine rounds, primarily thanks to Paweł “innocent” Mocek who got round-winning multiple kills round after round. But starting form the 10th round, mousesports stroke with Estonian prodigy Robin “ropz” Kool leading the charge and won six to switch sides three rounds behind. The second half passed by under mousesports control while ropz continued to rain havoc on PENTA. This didn’t prevent PENTA from having chance to force overtime at 15-14 though as their advantage from the first half helped them. Fortunately for mouz, they were able to win the final round and defeat PENTA 16-14, becoming the first team to qualify for the major through offline qualifiers.

United StatesTeam Liquid vs. EuropeHellRaisers – 1-0

de_Train – 16:2 (13:2, 3:0)

Great team play made Liquid‘s match against HellRaisers the quickest of the day by far. It started well for Kirill “ANGE1” Karasiow and his team as they won the pistol round as Counter-Terrorists. In the second round, Liquid force bought and hit B which declared the beginning of endless Liquid domination. All players of the NA-based team were contributing and HellRaisers could only win once, on 8th round before it was too late as Liquid grabbed the win 16-2.

FranceG2 Esports vs. CISFlipSid3 Tactics – 1-0

de_Nuke – 16:13 (9:6, 7:7)

The second challenger of PGL Major Kraków was declared to be G2 after the French team beat FlipSid3 16-13 on Nuke. The match started with Alexandre “bodyy” Painaro killing four in the first pistol round to start a 7-round run for his team. bodyy’s quad-kill was surely the beginning but Kenny “kennyS” Schrub stole the show from his teammate. The French AWPer picked up 31 frags while dealing over 99 damage per round to lead G2 to the major. It is also worth stating that FlipSid3 almost came back but were stopped when Nathan “NBK” Schmitt joined kennyS in grabbing multiple kills later in the match, notably in the 29th round when he killed three to close out the map.

You can find the schedule for the final day -day four- below:

09:00 – EuropePENTA Sports vs. RussiaVega Squadron – 2-1
10:30 – ChinaTyLoo vs. EuropeHellRaisers1-2
12:00 – NorwayTeam Dignitas vs. AustraliaRenegades – 1-2
13:30 – SwedenGODSENT vs. BrazilImmortals – 1-2
15:00 – United StatesCloud9 vs. CISFlipSid3 Tactics – 2-1
16:30 – GermanyBIG vs. United StatesTeam Liquid – 2-1
18:00 – Round #4 Match #1
19:30 – Round #4 Match #2
21:00 – Round #4 Match #3

Please note that all times are expressed in CEST.

Image courtesy of PGL

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