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CS:GO News Week in Review: June 26th

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CS:GO News Week in Review: June 26th

Catch up with the biggest news in competitive Counter-Strike from the past week and stay up to date with the scene.

SK Gaming secure Champions’ title at ECS Season 3 Finals

Last night the Brazilian roster of SK Gaming lifted the flaming ECS Season 3 trophy after a long best-of-three series against FaZe Clan, one that saw two overtimes. In addition to adding a new piece to their trophy cupboard, SK Gaming walked away with a massive $250,000 prize cash. The series saw an interesting start, whereby FaZe Clan managed to upset the Brazilians on their own map pick, de_Mirage, with a 16:11 score. Despite the setback SK managed to snatch a map off FaZe in much the same way, however in significantly closer fashion, as the series came down to overtime, which SK subsequently won with a 19:17 score. The deciding map was de_Train, where we once again saw an incredible grind. Both teams were unwilling to give in, extending the series to yet another overtime. Unfortunately for the European mix it would once again fall in favour of the Brazilians at 19:17.

Pre-ECS interview series

GosuGamers had the pleasure of interviewing four outstanding individuals prior to the commencement of the ECS Season 3 LAN finals. We invite you to read interviews with Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander, Aleksi “allu” Jalli, James “hazed” Cobb and last, but not least, Wilton “zews” Prado.

Closed qualifier invites announced for DreamHack Valencia 2017

Just short of three weeks left till the commencement of the tournament, DreamHack have announced the eight invited teams for the closed qualifier. With a total of two regional qualifier (North American and European), each region has four pre-determined contestants, whilst four contestants will be admitted via open qualifier, taking place on the upcoming weekend. Upon the conclusion of said closed qualifiers, two teams (one from each region) would have superseded the opposition to secure a placement at the $100,000 LAN finals in Valencia, Spain.

PGL reveal group draws and scheduling for offline qualifier of PGL Major Kraków 2017

Three days are left until the start of the offline qualifier for the PGL Major Kraków 2017, where the final eight contestants will be decided. In light of this, PGL have revealed all initial match-ups and scheduling for the four day event. Sixteen teams will face off at the PGL Studios in Bucharest, Romania in a bid to secure one of eight “Challenger” spots at the upcoming Major. The entire qualifier will see a best-of-one Swiss system, whereby eight teams to reach a 3-x win/loss ratio will be admitted to the LAN finals, whilst those who don’t make the cut will have to try their luck at the next Major.

Grayhound Gaming sign ex-Team Immunity

Grayhound Gaming, a newcomer in the Australian scene, have signed the former Team Immunity roster. Three Australians, a Mongolian and a New Zealander will be representing the organisation at coming events. Prior to joining their new home, the roster managed to secure third place at the Asia Minor Championship, failing to snag a spot at the offline qualifier, mentioned previously. In addition to signing Team Immunity’s former roster, Grayhound Gaming have also inherited the organisation’s AOC CyberGamer Premier League spot, where they hold third place.

Dynasty Gaming sign former Team Secret roster

According a report from esportsinsider, Former Director of Team Secret, Kemal Sadikoglu, has opted to part ways with Team Secret, bidding to venture on his own CS:GO endeavour. Hence Dynasty Gaming was born, an organisation that also happened to sign Team Secret, widely considered the finest female CS:GO roster in the world. Testiment to the fact was the girls’ most recent performance at ESU Master 2017, held parallel to DreamHack Summer 2017, where the team managed to 2:0 the Russian roster of London Conspiracy.

SK Gaming victorious at DreamHack Summer 2017

SK Gaming were crowned Champions of DreamHack Summer 2017 after defeating Fnatic 2:1 in a best-of-three series. The grand final saw three lopsided maps, that ultimately weighed in favour of the Brazilians. Map one – de_Inferno, saw a strong performance from SK Gaming, as the team managed to 16:8 the Swedes, a team once considered to be most feared on the map. With the home crowd behind them, Fnatic managed to find it withing them to prolong the series, demolishing their opponents 16:4 on de_Overpass. The deciding map, de_Mirage, saw a recreation of map one’s score line, as the Brazilians 16:8’d the local representatives, lifting the trophy and pocketing a serious $50,000 in prize money. 

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