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Overwatch Patch Notes: Reaper rises again, Lunar Colony goes live

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Overwatch Patch Notes: Reaper rises again, Lunar Colony goes live

Reaper fans should be excited about this most recent patch, while everyone else gets to have some fun with zero G’s up in space.

The latest patch for Overwatch went live yesterday, giving new life to the classic Reaper meta and also cutting down a staple tank quite a bit. Here’s what you need to know about the latest update:

Horizon Lunar Colony went live

Overwatch has finally landed on the moon! The newest map, Horizon Lunar Colony, has officially entered the live server. The Assault map also brings a new challenge for heroes – zero gravity in specific areas of the map. You can play it exclusively on the Arcade under the “Horizon” playlist, as well as play any map with space physics in the “Low Gravity” Arcade mode.

More customization for custom games

Speaking of zero g’s, you can now alter player and projectile gravity to your liking in the custom game setup menu. Knockback abilities (like Pharah’s concussion grenade) can also be modified, as can the jump height of players.

Reaper and McCree buffed, Roadhog gets nerfed

Reaper’s health orbs have been replaced by a new passive: he now regenerates health as he deals damage, with a 20% of all damage done to heroes being returned to him as health. This should help Reaper stay alive and help turn the tide of battle.

McCree also saw a slight buff, with Deadeye’s lock-on time dropping from .8 to .2, making the first second of his damage four times as powerful as before (20 damage to 80). Hopefully, McCree will now truly be able to keep the peace when things go south.

Unfortunately, fan-favorite Roadhog’s powers have been taken down a notch, with the tank’s Scrap Gun getting a rework: while his bullet damage has decreased by 33 percent, his fire rate has been increased by 30%, coupled with an increase in clip size from four to five. This means that while he’ll have a far more difficult time one-shotting the poot unfortunate soul he hooks, he’ll have a better chance to follow-up for those kills thanks to the quicker firing rate. Another small but important detail is that his head’s hitbox has been decreased by 20%, making him a bit harder to pin down completely.

Career Profiles just got a lot more specific

Starting this patch, your damage to barriers and damage to heroes now have split statistics in the Career Profile page. This should give you a better idea as to where your shots have been going.

Averages are now based on what Blizzard is describing as “10-minute slices, rather than by the number of games played.” Instead of the original way of getting averages – described by Blizzard as “taking the total damage inflicted and dividing it by the number of games played” – the 10-minute slices serve to make a more accurrate look at your gameplay instead of a more overall look.

If you’re looking for more generalized statistics, you can head on over to the new “All Modes” or “All Competitive Seasons” options to give yourself a nice overview of your past overall performance.

Another quick detail: the “Rate This Match” selection is now gone.

More skins for you

Originally, Oni Genji and Officer D.Va were only available through playing Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard’s MOBA. With this most recent patch, however, that is no longer the case; players can now get them through classic loot boxes.

Bugs, bugs and more bugs

Quite a few bugs were fixed, all of which you can see here. These are the ones worth mentioning:

  • You will no longer lose profress on your On Fire meter for no reason when it was compeltely filled
  • You can’t use Torb’s Armor Pack ability if it’s been disabled in a custom match (a bug before this patch allowed you to)
  • D.va’s won’t have to worry about being stuck in their dead mech if it was killed just ast they summoned it
  • Orisa’s movement is no longer slowed while she fires her Fusion Driver

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