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TyLoo defeat 3 to win PGL eGG Asia Minor

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TyLoo managed to defeat three teams in a row to win first place at the Malaysia minor.

TyLoo had quite the performance at the final day of the PGL eGG Asia Minor. TyLoo had to go against MVP Project, VG.CyberZen and ultimately Renegades in an attempt to win the entire Minor.

Their match against MVP Project went better than expected with YuLun “fancy1” Cai getting an amazing 39 kills in the first map and closing it 21-16 in overtime. His performance carried on to Cobblestone where he once more topped the scoreboard with 29 kills and won the map with an easy 16-7.

After beating MVP Project, TyLoo were up against their fellow Chinese team VG.CyberZen. Despite a fantastic 12-3 CT lead on Train in the first half, CyberZen turned it around in the second half and managed to win the first map 16-13. Cache went into quadruple overtime as neither team was unable to close the match out. After a series of clutches and mistakes on both sides, TyLoo managed to end the 69 round map with a 36-33 win. Now that the game was 1-1, TyLoo had to win Cobblestone. This didn’t prove too hard for them as they managed to take the map with a fairly close 16-9 score and moved on to their third game.

Renegades proved to not be as big of a challenge to TyLoo as the other two teams were. Despite many favoring Renegades, TyLoo managed to take the game 2-0, with Renegades losing many 2v1 rounds.

TyLoo thus won themselves $30,000 for first place as well as a higher grouping at the next major qualifier.


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