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Oceanic Overwatch action continues even through BlizzCon preparation

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Even though the rosters of ANZ’s top teams have been hit thanks to the Overwatch World Cup at BlizzCon, the show must go on.

We are now almost a month into the Gamestah Spring Series, and apart from the top and bottom of the standings, there has been a mixed bag of results. As the majority of the Tempo Storm lineup would be playing for Australia and New Zealand in the Overwatch World Cup at BlizzCon, they were able to play most of their matches earlier this month, with overwhelmingly dominant results. 

Looking at the past ten days though there have been only four matches, but they have brought some interesting developments to the table:

After the flurry of games that Tempo Storm had to play before their players were shipped off, one thing that’s certain is that they are quite obviously the #1 team in the region right now. As for the rest of the pack, Skyfire and Aftermind have been the two most likely to be fighting for that #2 spot. Aftermind have yet to play Tempo Storm as of yet, so they will be looking to pick up as many points as they can while they’re away.

From these most recent games, the biggest surprise has been Team Solo Ult. After a rough start, dropping their first few sets, they were able to take a surprising win against Aftermind. Despite their strong recent showing, they will be needing to bring more of that magic if they’re to climb the ladder any further.

Check out Gamestah for more Oceanic Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, and more as they continue to be one of the leading content providers in the region.

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