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Overwatch team releases Agents Recall – Player spotlights, before the upcoming BlizzCon

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BlizzCon is nigh, and Blizzard’s Overwatch team is as busy as ever. Today they released a series of videos titled “Agents Recall,” featuring some of the World Cup players and their stories.

The Opening Week World Cup matches are set to start tomorrow, and Blizzard is doing everything they can to make this first (of many) World Cups as good as possible. So, they have been releasing a string of video content. For one, a video with some information about the World Cup, where you can learn about how the participating teams qualified and what is to come, was created:

Today, they released a whole series of different videos: spotlights of some of the players from the European countries participating at BlizzCon. In these videos, the players talk a bit about how they got into gaming and what games they have played before. They also talk about friendships within the teams and who knew who since before, among other things.

For example, you get to see some of Iddqd’s home grounds in Sweden. You also get to hear what his mom thought of him wanting to play video games for a living:

Then, we also get to see Misfit’s Skipjack from Germany. We get to hear how he balances studying with gaming, what hero is his favorite, and why. All Misfits fans are advised to check this one out:

In the other (currently three) videos, we get to see and hear from Finland’s Zappis, France’s Kryw and Bromas from Spain.
The link to the entire playlist of videos can be found here. And we expect a few more to pop up over the next few days!

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