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Get ready for the Overwatch World Cup with our Crew's Predictions

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Sixteen teams from around the world will face off in the Overwatch World Cup, all leading up to the live final at BlizzCon. Opening matches in the group stage start on October 29th, and the GosuGamers editorial crew are here with our predictions for who will take it all.

The Overwatch World Cup is unique in the sense that it has brought together players from perhaps your favourite teams, and their nemesis, and made them play under the banner of their and maybe your country. Are you going to root for your country by definition? Or is the loyalty to certain foreign players too strong!?

 SkyMach7 – Sweden

Most likely Sweden will win. I think that with the lineup of professional players they stand a good chance of taking the crown. While many content creators are highly skilled players, professional players maintain the advantage of scrim and tournament experience. I expect Denmark and Finland to give them some trouble, but overall my faith is in Sweden. With iddqd not playing with FNATIC, it could be the case that Team Sweden would be scrimming more often.

 Scr1be – Germany

Sweden might be the favorite to win, but the Overwatch World Cup victory will be going to Germany. While I do think Sweden might have more firepower, Germany’s core tank duo cannot be overlooked. Hulk is one of the more vocal team leaders, which is essential when playing in a mixed team. Sure, the team might not have the hard carry potential of a Taimou, or a TviQ, but they do have an extremely strong McCree in Art1er. I believe in the wonder of German engineering to build a bridge over their competitors.

 Hexagrams – Finland

Only a fool would pick against Sweden. The prohibitive favorites to win the entire World Cup, Sweden will field a roster composed entirely of professional players.  That said, there are some rosters that can contend, and never being one to pick chalk, my pick to win is Finland. Zappis, Hymzi, and Mafu comprise the core of Ninjas in Pajamas, a European team whom have shown they can beat anyone.  Add in top-tier DPS players like Taimou and Linkzr, finish with solid pro Tsieni, and you have the Finnish recipe for an upset over their Nordic neighbors.

 Shye – Sweden

I swear that I went into this prediction with open eyes. I do actually think that France, Finland, South Korea and USA have very strong teams and high chances of winning. But at the end of the day, my brain tells me that Sweden possesses the strongest overall team, with (arguably) the best DPS in the world at the moment in Iddqd. And my heart tells me to vote for my beautiful home country. So I’m sorry, but I will cast my vote on Sweden to win. (Also, I vote for USA to take home the prize for most entertaining team.)

 Pesto Enthusiast – South Korea

Sweden is the team to beat, and it’s hard to bet against a roster with two of world’s best DPS players, a top five Zarya player, and the world’s foremost Zenyatta master. If anyone is going to take them down though, it’s going to be South Korea. Their roster can go toe to toe with Sweden’s: ArHan and EscA can match TviQ and iddqd on DPS, Miro can match cocco on Zarya, and Ryujehong can match chipshajen on Ana.

If Sweden and South Korea meet in the finals, it’s going to be a throwdown for the ages, but I’m giving the edge to Korea because everyone on their roster can run the role they play for their pro teams. Sweden sent two pro Lucio players in Zave and Zebbosai, and one of them will be tapped to play main tank. Korea, on the other hand, are sending Dayfly and zunba, a support and a tank.

 TruNerd – Sweden

For me it comes down to two teams; USA and Sweden. USA are packed full of talent across the board and have a slightly easier group than their counterpart. The stripes and stars also have the added benefit of playing on home soil, and judging by other eSports, that can play a huge part in taking the W. However, when looking at Sweden’s roster it’s clear to see that they are the clear favourites. Possessing some of the best DPS players in the world and arguably the strongest support player, Chips, you would be crazy to put your money on any other team.

 Harsha – Sweden

I don’t think my pick of Sweden will surprise anybody, but I do think that Finland has a shot at greatness as well. While Sweden’s chances come down to their strong lineup of individual players, Finland’s advantage lies in their natural synergy—three of the players come from Ninjas in Pyjamas, who are one of the stronger teams in Europe. The additions of Taimou, LiNkzr, and Tseini add only incredibly strong players, and I see no reason that they cannot contend with Sweden to perhaps steal the spot.

Aside from these two European squads, USA and South Korea do look fairly strong, but I do not think they will be able to hold up against either Sweden or Finland.

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