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ESWC 2016 – Group stage concludes

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The group stage of ESWC 2016 has concluded, with sixteen teams through to the playoffs of the tournament.

Two days have passed since the commencement of ESWC 2016, over the course of which the top two teams from each of the eight groups has been determined. Hence, sixteen teams have been decided to proceed to the group stage of the tournament to further distinguish the best from the rest. 

As a reminder, ESWC 2016 is a $100,000 CS:GO tournament taking place at the Paris Games Week 2016 in Paris, France. Thirty-two teams are butting heads in a bid to secure the lion’s share of the ludicrous prize pool, as well as the Champions’ bragging rights. 

For those interested in more than stats, we present brief recaps of team performance for each of the eight groups:

Group 1

Team W:L
Turkey Space Soldiers 2:0
Finland 2:1
France Red Instinct 1:2
Iran GEx 0:2

A stellar performance from the promising Turkish roster of Space Soldiers. A flawless group stage run with wins over GEx and Red Instinct allows for a clean passage to the playoffs of ESWC 2016. On their toes are, a Finnish representative, that were unable to overcome Red Instinct in the semi-finals of the groups; however went on to secure two consecutive wins against GEx in the lower bracket and propel themselves into the losers’ deciding match, where they faced nemeses Red Instinct once more, this time defeating the team on two subsequent maps. Red Instinct and GEx drop out of the race with the Frenchmen falling short in the losers’ bracket of the group, whilst the Iranians are simply unable to match the level of play, falling out in two consecutive losses. 

Group 2



Denmark Heroic


France Team LDLC


South Africa Bravado Gaming


India Overcome


Heroic show up for the tournament, ascending through to the playoffs immediately. The Danes bypass Overcome with ease, post-which the team manages to dismantle Ex6TenZ’s Team LDLC, securing a placement in the round of 16. Following them are the Frenchmen from Team LDLC that faced defeat; however rose to the occasion via two consecutive victories against the single South African representatives at the tournament, Bravado Gaming. The two runners up were aforementioned Bravado Gaming and Overcome, with the former falling to Team LDLC and the latter falling short against Heroic and Bravado.

Group 3

Team W:L
Russia Gambit Gaming 2:0
Norway Norse 2:1
Bulgaria Bpro Gaming 1:2
Sweden GODSENT Academy 0:2

Gambit Gaming storm to the top of the group with their brand new roster. Their first match against GODSENT Academy proved to be no issue as they steamrolled past the Swedes. Shortly after the team was challenged by Bpro Gaming, whom they managed to dismantle also, securing a slot in the round of sixteen. On their heels were Norse, a team defeated by Bpro Gaming, consequently sent into the lower bracket, only to propel back to the top via wins against GODSENT Academy and Bpro Gaming respectively. Third and fourth place is awarded to Bpro Gaming and GODSENT Academy, with the Bulgarians dropping out in the semi-finals and the Swedes rolled over in both matches played.

Group 4

Team W:L
Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX 2:0
Denmark Tricked eSport 2:1
China Team Five 1:2
Portugal For the Win 0:2

German representatives ALTERNATE aTTaX soldier through the semi-finals of group 4 as the team is able to take down For The Win, shortly followed by a victory against Tricked eSports, furthering the team into the latter stages of the tournament. Despite losing to the golden medal of the group Tricked were back on their feet in second, as the team is able to knock Team Five in two consecutive matches. Team Five and For The Win take third and fourth place respectively as the Chinese roster is unable to outperform their Danish opponents and the Portuguese were faced with similar difficulties throughout the group.

Group 5

Team W:L
Poland Team Kinguin 2:0
Russia Team Preparation 2:1
Belgium Sectorone 1:2
Sweden Wyvern eSports 0:2

Kinguin rise to the top of the group after securing victories against Sectorone and Team Preparation. The Belgians didn’t pose much of a threat, Team Preparation however were able to intimidate the Poles as the match on de_Dust2 saw a jaw-dropping 47 rounds, with Kinguin finally taking it away at 26:21. Their fiercest opponent was determined on winning, as per demonstrated by the Russian roster of Team Preparation. The team went on to challenge Sectorone, emerging victorious from the fray and securing a placement in the round of sixteen. The two runners up were Sectorone and Wyvern eSports, both of which were unable to perform to the bar set by the top two contenders of the group.

Group 6

Team W:L
Germany Epsilon eSports 2:0
Poland Sferis Pride 2:1
Germany PENTA Sports 1:2
Sweden Archangels 0:2

The Swedish roster of Epsilon eSports has a flawless run in the group stage, where the team asserted superiority over Sferis Pride and PENTA Sports. Following the Swedes were the Poles of Sferis Pride. Having fallen short to the top one team of the group the team recomposed and persevered, knocking down Archangels and PENTA Sports in their wake. Closing the group were PENTA Sports and Archangels, with the latter putting up a fight that was unfortunately insufficient. 

Group 7

Team W:L
Brazil Pain Gaming 2:0
Sweden Fnatic Academy 2:1
Finland ENCE eSports 1:2
Denmark Rogue 0:2

Pain Gaming surprise all spectators after securing the top placement of the group. The Brazilians pass ENCE eSports, followed by Fnatic Academy, not without a fight, however. In second are Fnatic Academy, as the team eliminates Casper “CadiaN” Moller’s Rogue, followed by a not-so-easy match against the Finnish roster of ENCE. With the top two teams decided, group 7 is surprising left with some of the more well-known teams in the form of Rogue and ENCE eSports, with the Finns falling out in the semi-final against Fnatic Academy and Rogue losing both of their encounters in the group.

Group 8

Team W:L
France Platinum Esport 2:0
Portugal k1ck eSports Club 2:1
Brazil Luminosity Gaming 1:2
France Millenium 0:2

Finally we saw the Frenchmen from Platinum Esport ascend to first place in group 8. The team successfully dealt with Luminosity Gaming and k1ck eSports Club in the quarter-final and semi-final respectively. Second place saw Ricardo “fox” Pacheco’s k1ck secure a Ro16 placement after defeating Millenium and Luminosity Gaming. Millenium were simply unable to secure a single win against their matchups, while Luminosity fell short of victory in the semi-finals.

The flurry will continue this evening and tomorrow. For those interested in the matchups and scheduling, both may be found below (times expressed in CEST):

Saturday, October 29th – Playoffs

(M1) Russia Gambit Gaming vs. Poland Sferis Pride

(M2) Turkey Space Soldiers vs. Portugal k1ck eSports Club
(M3) Poland Team Kinguin vs. Denmark Tricked eSport
(M4) Brazil Pain Gaming vs. France Team LDLC
(M5) Denmark Heroic vs. Sweden Fnatic Academy
(M6) Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX vs. Russia Team Preparation
(M7) Germany Epsilon eSports vs. Norway Norse
(M8) France Platinum Esport vs. Finland

(M9) Winner of M1 vs. Winner of M2
(M10) Winner of M3 vs. Winner of M4
(M11) Winner of M5 vs. Winner of M6
(M12) Winner of M7 vs. Winner of M8

Sunday, October 30th – Semi & Grand Finals

(M13) Winner of M9 vs. Winner of M10
(M14) Winner of M11 vs. Winner of M12

(M15) Winner of M13 vs. Winner of M14

Images courtesy of ESWC 

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