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Sign up for the spookiest Overwatch event: Realm's Hallows End Invitational

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Semi-amateur teams in both European and American Overwatch regions will compete within their own region in the Realm’s Hallows End Invitational.

This Saturday, the 29th of October, at 3pm CEST the event Realm’s Hallows End Invite Cup for the European region will kick off. This event is an invitational, which means 28 teams (ranked on our sitehave been hand selected in order to create a competitive environment. A total of 32 teams will participate, with the 4 remaining slots open to the general public. All games will be played online and are to be streamed on this channel.

All teams will compete versus similar experienced Overwatch teams. Everything is being done to ensure the seeding is fair and fun. Teams will have to prepare well, but the main reason is to gain experience in the competitive scene and have fun of course! 

Information regarding the European region:

  • Starts on the 29th of October at 3pm CEST
  • 32 teams will compete, of whom 28 approved by the organisation and 4 slots open for public registration
  • All participating competitors in the European region receive 1 raffle ticket to win exclusive prizes
  • The top 2 divide a prizepool of €600, €200 for the 2nd place and €400 for the winning team
  • The last 8 teams will automatically qualify for the Realm Winter Series – The Realm Winter Series is a 6 week event where teams compete for a grand prize of $10,000. More information about that event will be released throughout November.

If you and your team want to register for the upcoming tournament, you will have to sign up here. You have to be quick, because only 4 slots are available and the registration ends tomorrow at 11pm CEST.

The organisation didn’t forget about the American Overwatch scene of course. The NA event Realm’s Hallows End Invite Cup starts this Sunday. As well as the European event, this is also an invitational. Again, 32 teams will be able to play in this event. The 28 selected teams (ranked on our site) will have to register to be invited, while the 4 other spots are available for the public. The registration for the NA region has been open since yesterday and will also close tomorrow. Registering for the NA event is available here.

Information regarding the American region:

  • Starts on the 30th of October at 12pm PST.
  • 32 competing teams, of whom 28 approved by the organisation and 4 spots open to the public
  • All participating competitors in the American region receive 5 raffle tickets to win exclusive prizes
  • The 2nd place receives  €300 and the winner of the NA event will be granted €600
  • The last 8 teams of the NA region instantly qualify for the Realm Winter Series Qualifiers

For now both events are planned to remain regional. In the future however, we might see the European teams battling versus the American teams.

Apart from the games, the event holds a voluntary donation option and these donations will directly go to Mission 22, a US military veteran organisation fighting to end veteran suicide in the United States.

Teams and viewers with questions about the event are able to join the public discord by simply clicking here. The team captains will receive an invite to a private RSL discord where event information and administration is conducted. Updates about the event and giveaways can be found on their Twitter as well.

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